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Mr. Johannes Idris [Director/CEO/General Manager]



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6221 54201490

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6221 54201491


Sentra Gading Serpong Blok SG 3 / 23 Jl Boulevard Gading Serpong
Tangerang 15810, Banten

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Lokasi Ruko @ Summarecon Mall Serpong, masuk pintu 4
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SprinklerJenis sprinkler pop up, impact sprinkler, nozzle
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Sprinkler taman pop up spray
Series 1800 pop up spray
1/ 2 " inlet
Pop up 4 " , 6 " or 12 "
SAM series Seal a Matic check valve
PRS series Pressure regulator stem
Nozzle VAN, MPR, Rotary, SQ
Rain Bird rotor
serie 3504 , 5004, 8005, 6504
1/ 2 " , 3/ 4 " and 1 " inlet
Radius 4, 6 m - 24, 7 m
SAM model
VAN nozzle
VAN nozzle
Variable Arc Nozzle 0 - 360 deg
Radius 0, 9 m - 5.5 m
Pressure at 2 bar
Available 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15 and 18 VAN
Rotary nozzle
Individual rotating streams with lower precipitation reduce runoff and erosion for Turf, hills and slopes
Rotary Nozzles have efficient
water distribution through
Square pattern nozzle
The most precise and efficient, low volume spray for irrigation of small area with dense plantings
Impact sprinkler plastic
Plastic Impact sprinkler 3/ 4 " model 46H +
for nursery palm oil etc
Radius 15, 5 m, 3/ 4 " inlet
1 has needs 36 pcs sprinkler
Made in Rain Bird France
Maxi Paw 2045 A
Pop up Impact sprinkler
Dirty water application
spacing up to 13, 7 m
Flexibility, Reliability
Full / part circle in one model
Flexibility – Straight-through flow for dirty....
Pop up Uni spray
Uni Spray Series
Pressure-activated, multi-functional wiper seal prevent excessive flow-by and water waste
Small exposed cover makes the unit virtually invisible for more....
Rotor 3500 Series
Rain Curtain™ Nozzle Technology
Precipitation rate: 0.37 to 0.83 inches per hour ( 9 to 22 mm/ h)
Radius: 15 to 35 feet ( 4.6 to 10.7 m)
Pressure: 25 to 55 psi ( 1.7 to 3.8....
Sprinkler 5000 series
5000/ 5000 Plus Series
Unmatched Performance for Residential and Light Commercial Applications
Rain Curtain™ Nozzles standard on all 5000/ 5000 Plus Rotors
Tree of nozzles....
Rotor serie 5000 - 8005
Sprinkler taman rotor series 5500, 8005
Protect your turf with high performance with Vandal and Abuse Resistant Rotors from 17' to 81'
Q Greener grass with less water – Rain....
Sprinkler Falcon
Falcon® 6504 Series
Reliable and Economical
Q Greener grass with less water – Rain Curtain™ Nozzles deliver
superior performance
Q Easy installation and adjustment with a....
Sprinkler Golf 8005
Rain Bird®
8005 rotors are ruggedly constructed to withstand harsh environmental conditions
and vandalism, which are often problems on commercial sites. Each has been designed....
Low Flow LF 2400
™ Series Sprinkler
The Rain Bird® LF Series Sprinkler is built rugged to withstand the harsh
conditions in agricultural applications. It has been designed to combine
Rain Bird Impact sprinkler 1/ 2
Rain Bird impact sprinkler 1/ 2 " part/ full cirle Radius 12 mtr

• Durable high-impact polymer and stainless steel construction.
• Water-Saving PJ™ spray-guiding arm....
Brass Impact Sprinkler
3/ 4” 19 mm Full or Part Circle, Brass Impact
n “ Precision jet” ( PJ) arm ( 35A-PJ)
n Standard spoon style arm also available
( 35A-TNT)
n Stainless steel....
Plastic Impact Sprinkler On Hose-End Spike
Plastic Impact Sprinkler On Hose-End Spike
Now available for hose-end uses anywhere in your yard, this professional grade impact sprinkler is crafted of high strength polymer and....
Brass Impact Sprinkler 85 EHD
Brass Impact Sprinkler
85EHD 1 1/ 4 " Full or part circle
Mini Gun
Heavy duty brass construction
Stainless steel wear button, springs and fulcrum pin
Locking stainless steel....
Impact Sprinkler 48H
Plastic Impact Sprinkler 3/ 4 " ( 19mm) Full Circle 48H
The Rain Bird 48H series sprinkler is designed to provide you with unmatched durability, performance, and value. The....
HE VAN Nozzle
HE-VAN Series Nozzles
High-Efficiency Variable Arc Spray Nozzles
Easy Arc adjustment from 0 to 360 deg with simple twist of the center collar to increase or decrease arc setting....
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